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Mentorrd Edu-Tech is a fast growing start-up working towards career development of young professionals. We apply cutting-edge technology with industry expertise to provide the best and cost-effective experience to our clients. The technical team at Mentorrd is dedicated to bridging the knowledge gap, which exists in our society due to the exorbitant cost of professional guidance, by leveraging data science through artificial intelligence and minimizing human intervention. The application of our products ranges from professional resume building to elaborate analysis of candidate profile to expert guidance for talented individuals in their aspirational fields.

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What Our Fantastic Users Say

Priyanka   Ruhela

I really loved this site, it is so interactive and easy to use. Your suggestions on resume upgradation made my resume better and presentable than I could have! Thank you for the wonderful tool. I am very appreciative that this tool is available.

Meghna   Singh

This site is worth all the appreciations and bows . I was so worried about how should I make my resume look perfect and let me tell you , I was helped throughout from the selection of perfect words to the way my resume should look like. So helpful it was ! Thankyou so much . Much appreciated . All the best ! And I would personally suggest everyone to try this. This is definately gonna help !

Mayank Kabra   4-Yr B.Tech. Mechanical Engg.

I am very impressed by the uniqueness provided by Mentorrd. The concept of Artificial Intelligence for analyzing resumes is very well utilized by your team. I found your analysis package really helpful for aligning my resume to the recruiters. That too within minutes!! I would recommend this product to my friends for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to general user queries below.For your specific queries contact Info@mentorrd.com

  • Mentorrd is a one-stop-shop for all your needs related to applying and grabbing your dream job. It has an online resume builder to create a professional resume within minutes.
    It also has a resume analysis tool that can analyze your resume and suggest significant changes required to sharpen your resume.
    Well, you need to tailor your resume for different job profiles to improve your chances of getting shortlisted. To do this, you can take help of our job-match service which instantly provides match percentage along with a list of suggestions to improve the match. We recommend a 50-60 % match for maximizing your chances.
    Based on your resume and the job description you also get a list of likely interview questions which can be of great value before the real interview.
    All the above services are available at a nominal fee (probably less than a cup of coffee).
    If you think all this is still insufficient and you may need personal guidance you can opt for our Profile Enhancement Programme (PEP) which includes handholding and more than 30 personalized sessions by experts from Mentorrd.
    For more information Contact us: info@mentorrd.com.

  • It’s simple, click on the “Login” tab. After landing on the Login page you have three options to sign up: Facebook- You can login through your Facebook login credentials. Google- You can login through your Google login credentials. Email- You can signup through traditional way of registering through your email. You can choose whatever option suits you. Registering helps us provide you your details whenever you visit us again. Also it avoids misuse of product by miscreants. P.S. We too hate spam and promise to respect your privacy as we do ours. However, you may receive occasional special offers from us, but you can opt-out from that too if that’s what you want {Yoda sad :( }

  • As many as you want, there is no limit. In fact, one of the core purposes of our team is to simplify the resume building process such that you can create different resumes specific to each job profile.

  • Of course not. We do not charge by monthly or yearly, like most online service providers do. We appreciate your freedom and you choose whether you want to use it once, twice or several times. In fact, we have priced our products optimal so that they are within the reach of students. Generally the cost is lesser than a cup of coffee at a decent café. Please refer our pricing page for details.

  • Good question. As of now we are not sharing our client details with any third party. However, in future if it benefits both parties we may share relevant candidate profiles with genuine recruiters after taking due permission from the clients.

  • Yes we do. It's a win-win situation and we believe institutes have the potential to impact masses and strongly encourage them to leverage technology to empower students. Please contact info@mentorrd.com for special offers.


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