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Shamitha SrinivasShamitha Srinivas
11:43 09 Jun 24
Very professional work. Very much recommended.
sukhada pandesukhada pande
05:35 23 May 24
Team Mentorrd delivered exactly what I needed, a top-notch consulting-style resume. Grateful for their expertise! Thank you Mentorrd !
Ramshad MRamshad M
14:45 21 May 24
Team Mentorrd - I would like to sincerely thank you for your help in writing my resume and cover letter. I have been successful in obtaining the job and could not be happier. You not only got my work noticed so I got to interview, you also helped me to recognise the experiences that I had were achievements.I would strongly recommend and refer everyone to take Mentorrd's help for professional CV writing.Special thanks to Mayur bhai for your patience and continuous support throughout 🙏.
Shraddha PatilShraddha Patil
14:44 21 May 24
They helped me with my resume. Team was helpful and understanding.
Amish GollapudiAmish Gollapudi
15:36 06 May 24
I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of work delivered and would confidently recommend their resources to others. Their offerings have proven to be both valuable and dependable, catering well to the needs of their clients.
Chayan AgrawalChayan Agrawal
13:46 03 Apr 24
The assistance I received in organizing my job experiences and crafting a resume aligned with the job description was invaluable. The guidance from Mentored significantly aided me in this process. I highly recommend Mentored for gaining clarity and direction in your career.
05:29 29 Mar 24
I had opted for getting my resume for Software roles redone by Mentorrd. The service is very good. They did several calls with me to understand my requirements and tailored my resume as per my taste. They provided their support more than promised and they are very accommodating. The resume looks very professional and I am glad I chose Mentorrd!
saif parkarsaif parkar
09:27 22 Jan 24
Thank you it really helped . after holding a decade of experience i never thought that i would need this services but after using it my thoughts are very clear and thank you again for all the incidence required to land a Job
Biswadeep DeyBiswadeep Dey
06:51 18 Dec 23
Highly recommend Mentorrd for their highly-impactful resumes and customisable services. They provide ATS-compliant, impactful and optimised CV along with 2 drafts/suggestions before you arrive at the final one. Really pleased with the interaction and care-to-detail by Mayur and Gaurav. Thank you!
Payal KhannaPayal Khanna
09:12 08 Dec 23
I have used Mentorrd services twice in my career with great success. There CV formats a simple yet relevant and have also helped me getting shortlisted all interviews. I have had seamless interaction with the team, recommended for services.
Bhushan BaviskarBhushan Baviskar
14:57 30 Oct 23
Mentorrd has expertly transformed my resume with a outstanding framework. They've effectively showcased my achievements in a well-structured manner. The consultant demonstrated impressive expertise throughout the process.
Mahendra MurkuteMahendra Murkute
07:32 27 Oct 23
Very professional. These people are on the top of their game. Also their professional fees are reasonable. I was able to see the results almost instantly by way of increased number of serious enquiries to my profile.
debarshee mitradebarshee mitra
13:04 14 Sep 23
Great service, the team understands your requirements and has customised solutions for the same, very happy with the output. Definitely VFM
Avijeet BoseAvijeet Bose
09:20 14 Aug 23
Firstly, I must appreciate Gaurav for his expertise in writing a very professional resume for me. Crafting a resume that effectively highlights my skills and experiences is crucial when applying for jobs, and it seems that Gaurav did an excellent job in presenting my qualifications in a compelling and professional manner.Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge Mayur for his assistance in following up on all the necessary details. Attention to detail is essential when it comes to creating a strong resume, and it is evident that Mayur ensured that nothing was overlooked. His dedication to ensuring accuracy and completeness in my resume is commendable.
shweta deshmukhshweta deshmukh
04:47 12 Aug 23
I had a fantastic experience with Mentorrd Education Technologies Limited. They helped me create a professional and impactful resume and profile that truly showcased my skills and achievements. The team's attention to detail, personalized guidance, and quick response time exceeded my expectations. Thanks to their expertise, I feel much more confident in my job search. I highly recommend Mentorrd to anyone looking to elevate their career prospects!
amit gambhiramit gambhir
09:30 11 Jul 23
Very professional and an extremely helpful team, recommend thoroughly..!
divesh kumardivesh kumar
15:25 16 May 23
Great experience. Very amazing people with great skills. I was lucky to get in contact with them. One of the best in market so far. They help me out with my resume and linkedin profile also. Always ready to help u out even for a very minor thought. Looking forward for many great interactions. Thanks
Siddharth DhirSiddharth Dhir
16:19 08 Apr 23
I contacted Mr. Gaurav from Mentorrd after using the services of other resume-making companies for my daughter's resume. In my opinion, they are the best. Their team is very competent, skilled, transparent, and honest. They will guide you through the procedure before making the payment, and you can expect the same as what they tell you. The amended resume could not have been better than what they had guided us to. Thank you, Mr. Gaurav and Mr. Srinivas, for your help and guidance.

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Why Choose Us ?

If These Don't Convince You, Nothing Will.

Reason #1

1:1 Confidential Consulting With Industry Experts.

Safe Space, Game-Changing Insights.

  • You're not just a transaction. Get personalized attention because your career is as unique as you.
  • Discuss your career goals and challenges openly. Our certified experts tailor solutions just for you.

Reason #2

Headhunter Attention Guaranteed.

Stop Chasing, Start Getting Chased.

  • Our resumes are designed to catch the eye of even the most discerning recruiters and headhunters. You won't just be another application; you'll be the one they want.
  • "Invisible" on LinkedIn? Never again. We'll make you the hunted, not the hunter. Most of our clients get job offers from Linkedin afer their profile development.

Reason #3

Industry-Specific Jargon that Hits Hard.

Speak Their Language, Command Their Attention.

  • We use industry-specific terms that resonate with hiring managers. No fluff, just targeted language that gets you noticed.
  • Further, your resume is aligned to your choice of Jobs.

Reason #4

Industry’s Most Rigorous 16-Point ATS Alignment.

Bot-Proof Your Application.

  • Don't let your resume get lost in the digital black hole. We make it easy for the ATS software to read and rank it.
  • Our 16-point checklist ensures your resume sails through Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • We rank your resume in our Internal Proprietary ATS before we deliver it to you.

Reason #5

Your Hero’s Story Development in Each Bullet.

Be the Protagonist "They" Need.

  • We craft each bullet point in your resume to contribute to a compelling narrative.
  • We use Challenge-Action-Result Framework ensure we bring a winning story in every bullet.
  • Show them you're not just a candidate—you're a solution to their problems.

Reason #6

Job Application Strategy Planning.

A Game Plan for Success.

  • Why apply aimlessly? We help you develop a robust job application strategy to target the roles that align with your career aspirations.

Reason #7

One-week Turnaround*

No Delays, No Excuses.

  • Got deadlines? So do we. And we meet them. Every. Single. Time. Get your polished, professional resume in just one week.
  • *If you provide us your information in the right time, our team converts it into a top selling masterpiece within a week.

“Our 16-Point Rigorous Checklist Ensures Every Resume Is a Masterpiece.”

This isn't for the timid…

it's for the professionals who want to SHATTER glass ceilings!

  • Storyline clear ?
  • Aligned to JD ?
  • ATS compatible ?
  • Presentation & Format ?
  • Industry Standards ?
  • Showcases a Hero’s Journey ?
  • Uses Action language ?
  • Has Quantifiable Results ?
  • ... and many more

How it works ?

The Power Path - 7 Steps to Your Dream Job

1. Discovery Call - 30 Minutes (Only in Premium and Elite)

Strategize to Conquer

Forget standard consultations. This is a 30-minute strategy session designed to break down your career goals and set the stage for your ultimate job application toolkit.

2. Personal Information Questionnaire + JD Links

Dive Deep, Rise High

Your information is gathered in a format that utilizes battle-tested frameworks. Pair it with job descriptions, and we’ve got a blueprint for your masterpiece.

3. First Draft of Resume - ATS Aligned, Industry Standard

Precision Perfected

Any adjustments are made with surgical precision. Your resume isn't just corrected; it's optimized for a marketplace that's waiting for talent like you.

4. Corrected Resume Draft

Revise to Rise

Your voice matters. Provide your feedback and see it integrated for a resume that screams 'you' but with the polish that impresses recruiters.

5. Feedback on Resume Draft Over Email

Revise to Rise

Your voice matters. Provide your feedback and see it integrated for a resume that screams 'you' but with the polish that impresses recruiters.

6. Ownership Call - 30 Minutes ( Only in Premium and Elite)

Master Your Story

End with a 30-minute call to ensure you don’t just read your resume—you own it. Know every word, understand its strategic depth, and wield it like the career weapon it is.

7. Cover Letter & LinkedIn Development ( If package includes)

Your Career, Amplified

A strong resume is good; a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile is unbeatable. We craft all three to create a consistent, compelling narrative that puts you head and shoulders above the competition.

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Top Consultants

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9999 12000
More Than Just a Resume - It's Your Ticket In
  • 7-days Turnaround
  • ATS-Compatible Format
  • Tailored Industry Keywords
  • Upto 2 revisions included
  • Cover letter on resume letterhead
  • Premium App Access for 1 year


11999 15000
Resume + Personal Branding = Job Offers
  • Initial Discovery Call (30-min)
  • End Ownership Call (30 min)
  • 7-days Turnaround
  • ATS-Compatible Format
  • Tailored Industry Keywords
  • Upto 2 revisions
  • Cover letter on the resume letterhead
  • Linkedin Profile Revamp
  • Premium App Access for 1 year


17999 20000
The All-Inclusive Career Catalyst
  • Initial Discovery Call (30-min)
  • End Ownership Call (30 min)
  • 7-days Turnaround
  • ATS-Compatible Format
  • Tailored Industry Keywords
  • Upto 2 revisions
  • Cover letter resume letterhead
  • Linkedin Profile Revamp
  • Premium App Access for 1 year
  • Linkedin Networking Kit
  • Application Review for 3 Jobs

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You've got questions ? We're glad to answer...

What makes your resume writing service different? arrow faq
We're not just creating resumes; we're crafting career-launching missiles. With 1:1 consulting, industry-specific jargon, and a 16-point ATS alignment, your resume won't just pass the bots—it'll blow hiring managers away.
What do you mean by a 7-day turnaround? arrow faq
Time waits for no one, especially not your dream job. Submit your information, and within 7 days, your new resume is ready for battle. No delays, no excuses.
How does the Personal Information Questionnaire work? arrow faq
Think of it as a treasure map of your career. It's designed to dig deep into your experience, skills, and goals. This isn't a generic questionnaire; it's your personal blueprint for success.
What's included in the Ownership Call? arrow faq
The Ownership Call is your final tactical briefing. We go through your resume line by line to ensure you understand—and can articulate—every single word. This isn't just your resume; it's your career manifesto.
Do I really need a cover letter and LinkedIn profile? arrow faq
A resume might get you in the door, but a cover letter and LinkedIn profile set the stage for who you are and why you're the solution they've been waiting for. Don't settle for partial impact when you can dominate on all fronts.
What happens if I have changes after the first draft? arrow faq
Your input isn't just welcome; it's essential. The first draft is the opening salvo. We expect, and encourage, your feedback for a final document that's precisely calibrated to get you results.
Is my information confidential? arrow faq
Absolutely. Your career might be an open book once we're done, but your conversations with us are strictly confidential.
Why do I have to fill out a form when I'm paying you to write the resume? arrow faq
Consider the PIQ form, your raw material, and us, your skilled artisans. We take the essence of your career and aspirations from this form to craft a resume that's not just professional but profoundly personal. You're not paying us for a generic resume; you're investing in a customized career narrative that only you can own.
Why are your services more expensive than others? arrow faq
You get what you pay for. If you're looking for a cookie-cutter resume that gets you cookie-cutter results, there are plenty of cheaper options. But if you're aiming for a career leap that could multiply your earnings and opportunities, then we are the investment you're looking for. Our price reflects the expertise, speed, and unparalleled features we bring to your job hunt.
Is there a Job Guarantee with your Resume Making Services? arrow faq
While we craft your resume to give you a powerful edge in your job search, it's essential to understand that many factors influence hiring decisions, and not all are within our control. So, we don't offer a job guarantee. However, we do guarantee that your resume will be top-tier and tailored to get you noticed by recruiters. And with our industry experts on your side, you'll be better equipped than ever to land that dream job.
One of your counselors refused to take my order. Why is that? arrow faq
Our primary goal is to ensure each client receives personalized, effective service that will genuinely help them in their job search. Sometimes, after an initial evaluation, our counselors may determine that our services might not be the most suitable option for your specific needs. In such cases, we believe it's more ethical to decline rather than provide you with a service that may not meet your expectations. It's all about making sure we're the right fit for you.

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