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In-depth & comprehensive AI driven analysis of your resume to provide you actionable inputs to tune your resume to recruiters' expectations

Free Word Usage Report

Did you know that that most good resumes contain a total of 400-700 words based on years of experience?
Get to know your word usage, uniqueness and information content after removal of common english words. Assess the strength of your resume in this Free Report.

How to get your free report?

  • Step 1. Signup and verify your email
  • Step 2. Login and navigate to Resume Dashboard
  • Step 3. Upload your resume in docx format and download your report instantly

Free Active Verbs and Specificity Analysis

A bullet starting with an active verb and having corraborating details of numbers, percentages, awards, recognitions etc quickly catches attention of recruiters. Our analysis engine checks your resume on multiple datapoints and provides this Free Report containing:

  • Evaluation of active verbs in your resume
  • Automatic sorting and suggestion of bullets that need active verbs
  • Evaluation of Specifics ( Numbers, percentages, etc) used in your resume
  • Automatic sorting and suggestion of bullets that need specifics

Premium Report - Skill Sets Analysis

Recruiters are looking for skills needed for the job !! In order to grab attention, you need to project the right skills for the job. Check if your resume sells you well on those skils.
Get this report by purchasing any product/service from Mentorrd Store

  • Analyze your resume against 11 critical skills valued by recruiters
  • Get analysis-report within seconds
  • Display job related skills and gather recruiter interest
  • See which words signal which skillset and tailor your resume as per job role
  • Follow recommendations to increase words related to a particular skill

Premium Report - Job Role Match

A resume containing the keywords from the target job descriptions climbs up in the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and gets noticed by the recruiters.
To check if your resume matches your target job role, just upload the job description and submit to get a match instantly.
Get recommendations to improve the job match and get shortlisted.
Enable this report by purchasing any product/service from Mentorrd Store

  • Instantly match your resume with job description and get match percentage
  • Know which words contribute to improve job match and which do not
  • List of words and to add and improve the job match within minutes
  • Know classification of words into skill sets to balance the skills ratio in resume
  • Get to know a general inclination of the resume towards differnt fields

Premium Report - Expected Interview Questions

Ever wondered how would your interview preparation be if you had a list of possible questions that could be asked to you?
Our proprietery data-science backed engine generates a list of probable questions based on your resume and job description to aid your preparation. Purchase any product/service from Mentorrd Store to enable this report

  • List of probable behavioral questions based on your job description
  • List of probable behavioral questions based on your resume
  • Probable interview questions based on your profile and job description
  • Downloadable report for offline usage

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