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Why Haven’t Job Candidates Been Told These Facts?

Is your resume being rejected by most recruiters for jobs that you are fully-skilled for?

Read here a full account of reasons why you are losing precious opportunities at your dream companies…and how you can avoid missing these interview chances…that you may not get again for years.

Top Resume Mistakes

We hope you don't commit these interview bombing mistakes...

Mistake #1. Missing Contact/Technical Details

Yes. Believe it or not, quite a lot of candidates make this mistake. Candidates miss out on contact details, important technical skills, language skills.

Mentorrd finds out this missing info within seconds and helps you correct them.


Mistake #2. Too many words, No information

Just too many candidates get lost in the flood of words in their resumes. Less is more when it comes to interviews !! Only use those words that portray important information and skills.

Mentorrd calculates the information quotient of your resume so you can optimize on the number of words.


Mistake #3. Words don’t showcase your skills

You carry job relevant skills, but your resume does not display them. Skill set match is critical in both human and machine (ATS) parsing of resumes.

Mentorrd informs you of the skills that your resume is showcasing based on the words that you have used.

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Mistake #4. Boring accounts of events v/s a Story to Tell

What kind of story would you like to hear if your job is to listen to hundreds of stories a day? Recruiters may reject your resume within 6-10 seconds if your resume is a boring description of activities. But what if it's an action filled story of heroism ?

Action oriented language changes the genre of your resume from a ‘documentary movie’ to an ‘action thriller’. Mentorrd points out wherever your resume does not carry action verbs.


Mistake #5. Talked the talk. Have you Walked the Walk?

Do you have proof of the work that you claim to have done ? If your bullets carry claims that are not supported by specifics like figures, awards, mentions, and metrics, they are just statements.

More than 95% of candidates miss this point. In such a case, if a recruiter comes across a resume that narrates an action filled story with numbers and proofs, will he miss that candidate ?

Action oriented language changes the genre of your resume from a ‘documentary movie’ to an ‘action thriller’. Mentorrd points out wherever your resume does not carry action verbs.


Mistake #6. Resume does not match with Job Description(Swipe Left)

Recruiters reject a resume that does not match their expectations of the job role… the same way you “swipe left” on a profile that does not suit your likes on a match-making app. Matching your resume keywords to your Job Description helps you get shortlisted.

Mentorrd helps you match your resume to your Job Description within minutes… thus increasing your chances of selection substantially.

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And that's not all !! Don't miss this critical part...

What if we leak your interview questions ?

Now, remember the days when you were not allowed to buy leaked question papers before an exam? Because students who had the leaked papers were hugely advantaged. You can get the same advantage by this last feature of the resume analyzer. Only this time - ITS LEGAL !!

The analyzer checks your resume and job description for the keywords and runs them against a database of thousands of interview questions…and within seconds, provides you with a list of such questions that are highly probable for your upcoming interview.

Yes that's true - hundreds of candidates are downloading these daily and getting benefitted.

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And there's more...

A checklist covering all these points...within minutes!!

Finally, on a click of a button, you will get all this preparatory material in a nicely arranged PDF sent to your mailbox. So that you can peacefully work on your resume to make it the sharpest arrow in your quiver.

Next time you fire this arrow, it will cut through the clutter of all applications, and land right into your interviewers hands !!


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What our Users Say !!

So,why do recruiters not tell you all this ?

Only 4-6 candidates get interview calls out of average 250 applications for a job (Glassdoor).

However, recruiters would never tell you this stuff since it is a great filtering mechanism for them to get only interested candidates.

It is similar to how you would expect your partner to know about you on your first date !!
90% of people miss out on these points which you can correct within minutes using Mentorrd tool.

An opportunity in disguise...
Since 90% of the candidates do not know about it...
You can easily get to top 10% just by correcting your resume.

Do it now!!

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