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Are you getting frustrated by Rejected Resumes or Average Interviews ?

Hack it 2 Crack it is a proven way to prepare for tough interviews. Prepared by ISB/TISS Graduates, it is a comprehensive course on interviews and resume making.


This book is a comprehensive guide that decodes the whole recruitment process - resume building, interview preparation, salary negotiation and much more.

It's perfect for students and professionals who want a fast career path by getting into their dream jobs.

Structured in way such that you can decode the recruiter's psyche and prepare impressive answers...

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You will learn...

When you get this book in your hands, you will learn easily applicable frameworks that help you sail through the interview with confidence

  • Everything is planned

  • Learn the purpose of job interviewing and the recruitment process

  • Reverse Engineering a Job Description

  • Extract necessary job related keywords and skills from Job Description to optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Preparing your resume

  • Prepare an impressive resume to impress your recruiters and get shortlisted for interview

  • Structure of an interview

  • Learn 6 major steps of a job interview

  • General questions

  • Learn how to answer interview questions like:

    • Tell me about yourself
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Long and Short term plans
    • Why this company?
    • Reasons for leaving last company
    • Do you have any questions for us?

    Learn about

    • Why the question is asked?
    • How to attempt?
    • Points to keep in mind
    • General Pitfalls

  • The Art of Storytelling

    • Learn how to use the art of storytelling to introduce dramatics in your story
    • Learn to use the STAR framework for building an effective story

  • Behavioural Questions

    • Learn how to attempt behavioural questions
    • What is your greatest success?
    • What is your biggest failure and learning?
    • Difficult situation at work
    • Situation where you displayed leadership
    • Situation where you displayed teamwork
    • Situation where you confronted your boss
    • Incidence where you displayed innovation

  • Handling Pressure Situations

  • Learn how to reduce interview stress in the interview room

  • Pre Interview Research

    • Learn how to research the company and interviewer
    • Use frameworks to guess questions in advance

  • Preparation - The Flash Card Technique

  • Acclimate yourself with the interview randomness using the Flash Card Technique

  • Maneuvering the Interview

  • Learn to maneuver the interview by using the ‘Preempting Technique’

  • Case Interviewing

  • Get introduced to case interview through a sample market sizing case

  • The Lemons and the Peaches/ The Bell Curve

    • Use economic concepts to build a job ready profile
    • Learn how the information asymmetry can be broken by signalling skills
    • Learn how the Bell Curve influences your selection chances in job market

  • Salary Negotiation

    • Use concepts of negotiation to derive better value from market
    • Use Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA) concept to calculate your value

  • Visualizations and Affirmations

  • Learn to use visualization to grow confidence and get better results

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Only 4-6 candidates get interview calls out of average 250 applications for a job (Glassdoor)

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Imagine how would it be if you already knew most of the questions in advance?

  • Learn to build top performing resumes to get more shortlists and rank high in ATS
  • Use interview research frameworks to anticipate almost 60% questions in advance
  • Get rid of nervousness before interview, prepare impressive answers in advance, deliver with confidence
  • Learn how to answer tough behavioural questions
  • Walk confidently in interview room, deliver well-prepared answers, get better offers
  • Learn related concepts like bell curve, job market economics - build better profile
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"A very crisp book, lucid language with good insights. It has very practical pointers to work on. It is useful book for those looking to crack interviews."
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