Hack it 2 Crack it- Interview

The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Course | Your guide to slay your next job interview
Authored by ISB and TISS graduates with vast experience in sales and recruitment


Decode the Resume Mystery!!

Make a resume that best cuts across ATS and Recruiter's psyche

This course demystifies the magic of "making a perfect resume" for your dream job role. It follows a workbook approach and helps you build your resume step by step. What will you learn?

  • Reverse engineer the Job Description to know job requirements
  • Use the right keywords to rank well in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Load your bullets with action verbs, specifics and comparisons
  • Signal the competencies matching your target job role
  • Get more interviews
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Learn to ace your Job Interview !!

Learn to anticipate interview questions for your next job interview and techniques to answer common interview quetions, tough behavioural questions, practice techniques and much more.

  • Find probable topics of discussion for your next job interview
  • Prepare for common interview questions along with sample answers
  • Build an effective storyline to face tough behavioral questions
  • Drive the interview yourself towards pre-prepared topics
  • Proven practice tools and techniques to avoid embarrasing "blank off " moments
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Use Economics to your advantage !!

Learn concepts of job economics like Bell Curve, Signalling, Lemons & Peaches Theory to estimate and derive the best value for your hard work

Don't let the Smart Recruiter ruin your Salary Ambitions. Learn frameworks to assess your true value and negotiate with confidence.

  • Signal skill sets relevant to job role and jack up your perceived value
  • Learn to get into the top 10% of teh Bell Curve
  • Estimate the "right salary" to ask using an easy to use Framework
  • Learn negotiation techniques to get your best price
  • Find out jobs that will pay you the best using the Marketing Framework
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