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“ 7 out of 10 resumes do not make it to recruiters desk”

Yes, its true, and we felt this is a problem worth solving. We suffered from it, you are suffering from it, and scores of other top candidates are suffering from it. Candidates don’t know what to include in resume, recruiters do not have time to provide feedback for rejection. As such, it is directly your responsibility to ensure that your resume “Jumps out” into the employer’s hands.

When you sign up and upload your resume on our portal for a free analysis, you will realize that it is missing out on several critical factors.At Mentorrd, we believe talent is not so scarce - but presentation is. And that is why we work directly with the candidates as well as provide AI tools to check and improvise their resumes and profiles.
What drives us to do this ? - the success of hundreds of candidates who we have worked with.

And that leaves us wondering - will you be the next to fly high with our help ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Mentorrd is a one-stop-shop for all your needs related to applying and grabbing your dream job. It has an online resume builder to create a professional resume within minutes.
    It also has a resume analysis tool that can analyze your resume and suggest significant changes required to sharpen your resume.
    Well, you need to tailor your resume for different job profiles to improve your chances of getting shortlisted. To do this, you can take help of our job-match service which instantly provides match percentage along with a list of suggestions to improve the match. We recommend a 50-60 % match for maximizing your chances.
    Based on your resume and the job description you also get a list of likely interview questions which can be of great value before the real interview.
    All the above services are available at a nominal fee (probably less than a cup of coffee).
    If you think all this is still insufficient and you may need personal guidance you can opt for our Profile Enhancement Programme (PEP) which includes handholding and more than 30 personalized sessions by experts from Mentorrd.
    For more information Contact us:

  • It’s simple, click on the “Login” tab. After landing on the Login page you have two options to sign up: Google- You can login through your Google login credentials. Email- You can signup through traditional way of registering through your email. You can choose whatever option suits you. Registering helps us provide you your details whenever you visit us again. Also it avoids misuse of product by miscreants. P.S. We too hate spam and promise to respect your privacy as we do ours.

  • As many as you want, there is no limit. In fact, one of the core purposes of our team is to simplify the resume building process such that you can create different resumes specific to each job profile.

  • Depends on your purpose, aspiration, and urgency.
    Resume writing services can be incredibly beneficial if you go with the "right resume writers". They can help you build a strong storyline, match it with the Job Description, align your resume for ATS, and increase your interview chances.
    Much more importantly, a great resume writer can help you set your career goals, and guide you with the courses and skills you need to develop. The counselling sessions can be extremefly helpful.
    On the other hand, great resume writers are pricey. So you need to think about investing in your career. Read this article to understand more. Are resume writing services worth it ?

  • Good question. As of now we are not sharing our client details with any third party. However, in future if it benefits both parties we may share relevant candidate profiles with genuine recruiters after taking due permission from the clients.

  • Yes we do. It's a win-win situation and we believe institutes have the potential to impact masses and strongly encourage them to leverage technology to empower students. Please contact for special offers.


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