Hack it to crack it interview

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Afraid of Interviews ? This book will tear down the interviews so that you are never fearful again.

Authored by ISB and TISS graduates with more than 15 years of combined experience in recruitment and personal selling, this book is the ultimate interview preparation guide.

It contains the approaches and methods followed by professionals to crack the toughest of the interviews.

How is it different?

> Combines the experiences of HR and Marketing professionals to help you market yourself in the best possible way
> Is not just theory, it contains loads of actionable methods and techniques to actually help you prepare for interviews
> Delves deep into the recruiters’ psyche and guides you towards job specific preparation helping you identify what the interviewers are looking for
> Takes you one step at a time starting from resume writing to interviews and finally to salary negotiations in order to project your suitability at every stage of the selection process
> Talks not only about the content of your answers, but also helps you understand the art of story telling so that you can deliver that content better
> Covers the pivotal related concepts of job economics like Bell Curves, The Lemons Problem, Signaling and their application to improvise your candidature; and finally
> Provides guideline answers to frequently asked interview questions

We sincerely hope that this book will be able answer several questions which you may have, prior to going for an interview and reading this shall help you present a better, more confident you – THE REAL YOU during the selection process.


Gaurav is an entrepreneur, trainer, programmer, operations and sales specialist apart from being a visionary career development consultant. Before starting his own venture, Mentorrd Education Technologies (www.mentorrd.com), he worked as Zonal Head for a vibrant travel startup in India and was instrumental in negotiating path breaking deals between industry and government. Gaurav started his corporate life building ships for the Indian Navy at one of the largest engineering majors and subsequently moved to HR and Marketing roles at a major Oil & Gas PSU of India. An engineer at heart, he is also a proud alumnus of the Indian School of Business.


Saud Usmani, a popular public speaker and trainer, is a certified coach from Dale Carnegie Training, India and has also been a part of trainer’s training module of Bradford College, UK. He has a long experience in HR and recruitment at leading public and private firms and is presently associated with a top automobile corporation as a recruiter. Saud has a master’s degree from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and is currently pursuing research in the area of impression management and its application in job interviews.


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